BBVA Después Young Person's Card

Después Blue Card

The BBVA credit card for people under 30.

  • Choose between various payment methods.
  • You can pay directly with your phone.
  • More than 6,000 BBVA ATMs.
  • Made with PVC recycled from waste.
The BBVA Después Young Person's Card, now more sustainable

As part of our commitment to combat environmental problems, we launched the first sustainable credit card issued in Spain that is made with PVC recycled from waste*. We have minimized CO2 emissions and reduced the carbon footprint of both the materials used and of the transport, production and personalization of the cards.

Decide how to organize your spending every month

  • You can make a purchase even if you don't have a balance at the time, as long as you don't go over your credit limit. You can also pay in installments or delay payment until the next month with interest. Here are the payment options offered by the BBVA Después Young Person's Card:

    • Repay the full amount in a single payment. You can pay it on the 21st of the settlement month or on the 5th of the following month.
    • Pay a fixed amount each month (with interest).
    • Personalize the payment over 3 or 6 months (with a deferral fee and interest-free) and 7 to 36 months (with interest).

    See representative examples

With the advantages of being with BBVA



  • With the BBVA Después Young Person's Card you will get a series of additional benefits:
    • You can make purchases without taking out your wallet and turn your card on or off. 

    Your cell phone is much more than just your telephone. You can us it to pay, including with your young person's Joven credit card in Pago Móvil BBVA, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay. Can't find the card? Deactivate it, and reactivate it when you find it.

    • Change the limits whenever you want.

    You can limit the use of the credit card for a certain period of time.

    • And you can also use it on debit.

    This card is particularly versatile since you can withdraw cash at BBVA ATMs from your account on debit at no charge, or on credit for a fee, depending on your situation that month.

    • The card includes insurance so you can worry just the right amount.

    The BBVA Después Young Person's Card covers you if you are a victim of fraud or if you are mugged at an ATM (up to €600 per claim and card).

    • And now, sustainable.  

    It is the first credit card issued in Spain with PVC recycled from waste.* We wanted to minimize our CO2 emissions and reduce the carbon footprint through our choice of materials, transport, production and customization of the cards.


    *86% recycled material.

Pay less fees

Add the card to your smartphone from the BBVA app and pay directly with your phone.

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