Credit card

Credit cards are a means of payment used to make payments or obtain cash advances. They enable the cardholder to postpone repayment of the transaction amount from the bank account associated with the card.

As a means of financing, credit cards allow you to choose various ways to repay the bank:

  • Full payment: Pay off all of the money spent, typically within the first five days of the following month.
  • Deferred payment: Repay the amount spent in multiple payments over time, even with the ability to select how much to pay each month: Pay a fixed amount or a percentage of the amount spent.
  • Personalized payment: Break up a purchase or your total expenses for the month into multiple payments.

What is a credit card?

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  • Decide how you want to organize yourself, paying for your purchases the next month or in comfortable installments.
  • Use only the money you have in your account, both for making purchases and for withdrawing cash at ATMs.