BBVA Viajes+ Card

Viajes Card+

If you travel regularly, this is the credit card for you.

It includes trip cancellation and lost luggage insurance for your peace of mind.


  • Reduces the usual fee at ATMs abroad.
  • Best terms and conditions on purchases outside the euro area.
  • Discounts when booking accommodation with B The Travel Brand

Decide how to organize your spending every month

  • The BBVA Viajes+ Card is a credit card, which means that it offers you flexibility when making your purchases. Your expenses can be charged to your account either on the 21st of the month or on the 5th of the following month, and there are several payment methods available to you. 

    See examples of payment methods

Travel worry-free

  • The BBVA Viajes+ Card includes insurance that covers most of the incidents you can encounter when traveling:

    • Insurance for loss, damage or theft of luggage.
    • Insurance for delayed or overbooked flights.
    • Cancellation insurance (see insurance policy for conditions).
    • Travel accident insurance of up to €760,000.
    • Telephone interpreter service in English, French and German.
    • ATM theft insurance.
You can also use the BBVA Viajes+ card as a debit card at ATMs.

Half off the first year

  • The first year of the BBVA Viajes+ Card, the credit card issue and maintenance fee is cut in half, meaning it will cost you €15 instead of the usual €30.

It also offers benefits outside the eurozone

  • If, for example, you travel to the United States and want to buy something there, with other BBVA cards you would pay a 3% fee; with the BBVA Viajes+ Card, the fee is halved (1.5%).
Add the card to your smartphone from the BBVA app and pay directly with your phone.

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