Advised Portfolios

Steer your investments in the direction you want with our team of experts.

Featuring personalized investment recommendations

  • Maximize the returns on your money.
  • Maximize the efficiency of your investment.
  • Design your own financial strategy. 

How does it work?

  • With our Advised Portfolios service, you can steer your investments in the direction you want. Our team of experts will tailor your investment portfolio based on your preferences to maximize its returns. 

    This solution provides an excellent tool for taking advantage of the opportunities that the market offers. 


  • You will have a team of experts in investment and asset planning solutions at your disposal to help you maximize the returns on your money:

    • Customized financial strategy based on geographical preferences, investor profile and tax status. 
    • Investment opportunities and tailor-made financial solutions through Asesora, an in-house BBVA methodology.
    • Independent advice: we select the best funds on the market, our own or those of other national and international managers.
    • Timely and exhaustive information on the status of your portfolio to help you make investment decisions at any time.

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