BBVA Multi3strategia portfolio

We manage your investment for you through three investment funds

  • A portfolio created based on your risk profile.
  • Our professionals will actively manage the investment.
  • Minimum investment of €20,000.

How does it work?

  • BBVA Multi3strategia portfolio is a service where you delegate the management of your portfolio to BBVA, meaning your management of any capital you invest in it is minimal. BBVA will invest this asset in a portfolio made up of three funds. It is designed for long-term investments, although you can withdraw the money whenever you need it, with any gains or losses accumulated until that time.

    Before investing, we will conduct a suitability assessment where we will ask you about your knowledge and experience, investment goals and financial situation. Based on your investor profile, we will assign you the sample portfolio that suits your profile from among the five risk profiles that exist: very low (currently not marketable), low, medium, high or very high.

    Documentation: you can view the contract associated with the discretionary management service for fund portfolios (CII) (called the BBVA Multiestrategia Portfolio). We will generate the contract with your personalized data.


    • Our professionals will actively manage and diversify the funds that make up your portfolio, changing the strategy to adapt to the market's behavior.

    • Through the national funds that make up the portfolio, you will get access to global CIIs handled by internationally recognized fund managers.
    • Flexibility when making contributions.
    • You will be able to have your money, with any accumulated gains or losses, within 24 to 72 hours.
    • You will benefit from the tax advantages of investment funds: only taxed when reimbursed in whole or in part.
    • You can track the progress of your portfolio online, as well as receive a complete report every month.

What the portfolio invests in

  • The BBVA Multi3strategia Portfolio invests in three funds that are tailored to your needs:

    • Estrategia Capital, FI (risk level: 3/7): investments with an absolute return focus that seek discrete but positive returns over the long term.
    • Estrategia Acumulación, FI (risk level: 4/7): investments in assets that generate periodic returns.
    • Estrategia Inversión, FI (risk level: 6/7): investments that seek out the best opportunities to make your investment grow in the longer term.

    Your risk profile will determine the maximum percentage of investment in the highest risk fund (Investment Strategy):

    • Very low risk profile: up to 10%.
    • Low risk profile: up to 25%.
    • Medium risk profile: up to 45%.
    • High risk profile: up to 65%.
    • Very high risk profile: up to 95%.

Terms and Conditions

  • Investment

    Minimum initial investment: €20,000.



    Active management fee for the portfolio:

    • 0.65% annually for very low, low and medium risk profiles (130€ minimum). 0.75% yearly for high and very high profiles (€150 minimum). Charged every six months.
    • 5% of the portfolio's yearly returns;

    Fee for the funds in the portfolio (each fund has a percent fee):

    • Estrategia Capital: 0.25%.
    • Accumulation Strategy: 0.45%.
    • Investment Strategy: 0.65%.

    Applied to the net asset value of each fund and calculated based on the amount that has been invested in each of them.

Do you want it?

  • You can invest in the BBVA Multi3strategia Portfolio by going to your BBVA branch and speaking to a specialized adviser. Fill out the information request form to arrange an appointment with your adviser.

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