Managed Portfolios

A private banker will help you find the best investment opportunity.

Manage your portfolio with a private banker

  • Maximize the efficiency of your investment.
  • Design your own financial strategy. 

How does it work?

  • A private banker will provide their experience and knowledge to build The best investment option

    Our specialists create different profiles adapted to different needs, to offer added value in terms of advice, planning and monitoring.

    • We help you to make your decisions, visualising what the future of your investments could be.
    • We plan: we analyse your preferences to find the most tax-efficient investments.
    • We monitor your investments to continually evolve them and, eventually, to reward your loyalty. 

    Documentation: you can consult the discretionary portfolio management service agreement with delegation (Private Banking Portfolios) and the discretionary asset portfolio management service agreement. We will generate the contract with your personalized data.

Do not miss out on details

  • You will have first-class information with these two essential documents:

    • The monthly dossier that includes the returns for the last month, accumulated annual returns and the most outstanding transactions during the month with a graph of the portfolio by asset types, such as the evolution of investment levels in the different assets during the last year, and a last one showing with the evolution of the equity of the total portfolio. 
      You can also check the number of securities (representing in this portfolio the price at the end of the previous month and the currency in question), the geographical area and the sector in which our main investments are concentrated. 
      You will also have all the details of the transactions in the bank account associated with your portfolio, including transaction type, details of the value, number of securities, amount and currency, the expenses incurred and the payments charged to your account.
    • Tax news report: a half-yearly document with the aim of informing you of the status of your investments, to optimise your financial-tax return. With no need to get involved in investment decisions. We guarantee your investments will be closely monitored and constantly controlled for risk.

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