What tax relief do hybrid cars offer?

These are the grants and other benefits you can obtain when you purchase this type of vehicle.

Hybrid cars are taking an increasing share of the Spanish car landscape. Their technological advances improve performance while lowering cost, make it less polluting and quieter, and reduce mechanical issues (which means that less maintenance is needed). 

The downside to these benefits is their price, as they are more expensive than diesel and gasoline models. For this reason, and to encourage drivers to purchase them, the Government and the Autonomous Communities are promoting tax benefits for these hybrid cars.

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The tax benefits of hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are the best-selling among green cars, thanks to their blend of conventional and environmentally friendly features. In this article, and for all those who are still undecided, we explain the tax benefits available to everyone who purchases this type of vehicle. 

One of the most important benefits is the reduction in the Vehicle Registration Tax, which is calculated based on the vehicle's CO2 emissions. As it is a hybrid car and it pollutes less, you can enjoy significant savings when it comes to paying for it. The same applies to Personal Income Tax, although, in this case, it is only applicable to one type: plug-in hybrid cars. Their owners can reduce the amount by up to 30%. 

The latest tax advantage for hybrid car owners lies in the Road Tax. As this is a municipal fee, it depends on the municipality where you live. The advantages will vary according to their ordinances.

Subsidies to reduce their selling price

In addition to these tax benefits, and in order to encourage purchasing this type of green car, the Government has a series of grants that considerably reduce the vehicle's final purchase price

Plans such as the VEA Plan or the MOVES Plan have large budgets so that drivers can purchase a vehicle at a lower cost. The brands themselves also offer reductions that can reach 6,000 euros.

The privileges of driving a hybrid car

Having a hybrid car to move around the city can bring many advantages. For example, in the SER regulated parking zones, there are significant reductions when parking. Moreover, in some of them (as in Madrid), plug-in hybrid cars with a minimum range of 40 kilometers can do so free of charge and without a time limit. 

They can also move freely in cities on days when a pollution protocol is put in place and use the Bus-HOV lane without passengers.

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Loan benefits

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