Loans without salary: types and how they work

We'll explain the characteristics of loans without salary depositing

When searching for loans without salary depositing, you must remember that automatic depositing of a salary is one of the best guarantees a bank can have to ensure that the person applying for the loan will be able to pay it back. Having direct depositing of your salary is not essential for being granted a loan, but it does tend to help with this, and it can even help you get a lower interest rate.

For example, the Loan Fast Without Documents of BBVA, for non-customers, not demands open account in BBVA nor pay by direct debit your salary in her. But, if the applicant decides do it, profit with 1% fewer in the price of your loan.

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Particular care must be taken with credit institutions that offer loans without salary paid in, with interest rates well above the market average.

BBVA offers alternatives for gaining access to an instant loan. For example, with a BBVA credit card you can transfer cash from your card to your account any time you need it, up to the limit you have been granted. This way, you will be able to access extra money right away, and repay it in comfortable installments.

Moreover, BBVA offers you the possibility to finance bills or to pay for purchases you make with your credit card in installments.
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