Renting of cars electric, all that need know

You count all the details of this option of vehicle rental sustainable.

The renting services triumph in front of the options more traditional of acquisition of vehicles. Many businesses and individuals choose this modality of rent in order have a vehicle without have to fret for the expenses of maintenance of the same one. Moreover, the renting allows have access to the latest models of vehicles in the market, a very interesting option now that are launching so many electric vehicles and innovators with major advantages with respect to the consumption. 

In this respect, choose the renting of electric cars not only offers the peace of mind of have all the expenses covered, but supposes also a saving important in fuel. In this item be able to find all the information that need on the options of long-term rent for electric vehicles.

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The advantages of the renting

Nowadays, approximately 20% of the vehicles matriculated in Spain belong to the modality of renting. Every time are more the companies and individuals that bet for acquire your vehicle through this type of contract, given the many advantages that contributes to the user. 

The renting allows to the customer enjoy a vehicle through a rental contract long-term that determines the mileage maximum that can carry out the vehicle every year. In return, the customer pay to the company of renting a monthly fee that also covers the expenses of maintenance, insurance and taxes of the vehicle (among which include the insurance and the road tax, the repair of breakdowns, the change of tires, etc.) 

The renting can suppose a major saving for the user, so much to long as short term, since not requires an initial investment nor the payment of the whole cost of the vehicle. The companies or individuals that need have a car but that not have the thousands of euros necessary to your purchase, can choose a renting with a fixed fee monthly of several hundreds of euros. Moreover, this fixed fee has the advantage of that allows plan with accuracy the monthly expenses of the vehicle since, except for the related to fuel, neatness, parking lot in garage and, also, payment of fines,, are all included within the same one. 

Beyond the saving economic, this type of services avoids that have to destine work schedule to the maintenance and management of your vehicles.

The renting of electric cars, the better choice

The vehicles of renting suppose a certain saving for the users that need have vehicles new or that want enjoy the tax advantages that this modality offers to self-employed workers and individuals. Also, if choose an electric vehicle, the saving can be still great, given that the expense of the electric consumption of these cars is less than that one of the fuel of the vehicles of combustion. The electric cars of renting are, moreover, a way comfortable of be able to enjoy these innovative vehicles whose price, higher that that one of your brothers of combustion, supposes a barrier for many users. 

Generally, when a driver purchase a car electric, waiting that your initial investment is completely amortized (because of the low cost of maintenance and to the saving in fuel) past tenses five years from the date of acquisition or once carried out the first 10,000 kilometers. Taking into account the breakthroughs that are giving in this type of vehicles and the speed with which happen the changes, is probable that, once elapsed five years, have arrived to the models new market more efficient that leave very back to the vehicle acquired. Since the contracts of renting have a duration between three and five years, are a good option for change of vehicle every little time, and be able to enjoy always of the technology more innovative and last improvements in electric vehicles. 

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Last of all, another advantage of the renting of electric cars that not is necessary to scorn is that one of the saving in the change of battery, an expense that is included in the rental contract of the vehicle. Is an important disbursment that have to face all the owners of these vehicles in a moment or another, and that can ascend until the 7,000 euros. 

Thanks to BBVA Autorenting , can choose any type of vehicle (gasoline, diésel or ecological) marketed in an official concessionaire of the Spanish territory. If want enjoy all the advantages of the electric cars without need of invest a major amount initial nor fret of your handling fees and maintenance, enters and learn more on all our options of renting today.

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