Types of bank accounts and the difference between them

See the most popular types of bank accounts, with or without the deposit of a paycheck, and compare them to find the ideal account for you
BBVA explains the main types of bank accounts, so you can compare a salary account with other types of accounts. We hope you find this information useful and that it helps you to choose yours. How can I compare the different types of accounts, such as the salary or the remunerated account? See below:
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Checking account

This is the most usual type of account. It is an account that allows you to have a salary paid in directly, associate cards, make transfers, make deposits and withdrawals or pay bills by direct debit, among the most frequent operations. Checking accounts do not offer any form of return. At BBVA, we offer accounts that can be opened online in less than 5 minutes. And if you are a new customer, learn more about the Fee-Free Online Account.

Young person's account

A young person's account is similar to a checking account, as it can be used to carry out all the usual operations of an account. The main difference is that it is aimed at a public of up to a certain age. This type of account often offers special promotions and conditions aimed at these young savers. BBVA offers to the people under 30 years old the Joven Account , a young account without administration fees nor of maintenance for young people under 21 years old. If you're between 21 and 29 years old, you can get all the benefits of this fee-free young person's account just by using your debit card once a month; for example, withdrawing money from an ATM or shopping in stores and online.

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Interest-bearing account

A remunerated account offers a small return for the savings deposited in this account. Unlike a checking account, in this type of account you cannot pay bills by direct debit or have salaries paid into it, nor can you associate a card to make payments. Its operation is similar to that of a banking deposit, but with the advantage that the money is not invested over any fixed term, all or part of the money saved can be recovered at any time, without any penalty nor fees.

After comparing these accounts, discover all the benefits that BBVA has to offer in each of its accounts.

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