Remunerated account: higher return for your savings

A remunerated account is a way to get more from your savings with full access to your money.
The remunerated account is a type of account designed to obtain a return; in fact, this return is higher than that of a savings account. Moreover, the investment can be recovered at any time, without any penalty or fee.
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Compared with other products - such as checking accounts and passbook savings accounts - which offer a low return, remunerated accounts offer high return and liquidity, most notably in the first months. For this reason, it is considered to be a good savings product. Compared with a traditional deposit, where interest is collected regularly, a remunerated account usually has an initial period of 3 or 4 months with a fairly high interest rate (to make them more attractive - usually to capture the attention of possible investors -), but later this rate is reduced, usually below the deposits.

The return varies depending on the balance. That is, the bank applies an interest rate depending on pre-established bands. This interest is usually higher than that of savings accounts, which is why they are usually called “superaccounts”.

On the other hand, compared with the ample flexibility of other products - such as a checking account -, remunerated accounts have limited operations; they do not usually allow direct debit payments, nor cards to be linked, nor transfers, nor bills to be charged.

Moreover, remunerated accounts allow full liquidity, and free availability of funds. And they offer the possibility of having checkbooks and the option to make payments by direct debit, without any penalty.

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Lastly, compared with deposits and other savings products that penalize you with a fee for cancellation prior to maturity, remunerated accounts allow you liquidity at any time, without fees or penalties.

If you are thinking about investing in a remunerated account, have a look at the wide range of BBVA accounts and sign up for whichever is most suitable for your needs. You are certain to find an account that is ideal for you.

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