What is the SWIFT / BIC code

They are used to identify a transfer to the receiving bank (or destination bank), guaranteeing the security of the process
The SWIFT code (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), also known as the BIC code (Bank Identifier Code) is an 8-digit or 11-digit alphanumeric series that is used to identify the receiving bank when an international transfer is performed.
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These codes created to increase security when international transfers are carried out, with the aim of eliminating errors, reducing wait, times and avoiding extra costs.

The SWIFT code or BIC can have between 8 and 11 digits (the last 3 are optional):

  • Code of entity: this is represented by the first 4 digits of the SWIFT code / BIC, and is used to identify to the bank.
  •  Country code : this is the 5th and 6th digits of the code, used to identify the country of the bank. For Spain the code ES is used.
  • City code: the 7th and 8th digits represents the city where the bank is located. This is most typically Madrid (MM) or Barcelona (BB).
  • Branch code: the last 3 digits are used to identify a specific branch of the bank. These three numbers are optional, and if they not appear in the code, it is understood that the entity's main branch should be the recipient.
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