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We'll explain what you need to do to become a BBVA customer via the Internet and open a bank account
You can become a BBVA customer online and open a bank account through (using your computer, tablet, or cell phone) or by using the BBVA app on an iOS or Android smartphone.
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There are 4 requirements in order to sign up as a BBVA customer online:

  • Be of legal age (18 years or older).
  • Have a National ID Number (DNI in Spanish) or Foreigner Identification Number (NIE in Spanish).
  • Have your smartphone handy. At BBVA, to provide security and convenience for our customers, we use an SMS system for you to sign the contracts related to your new BBVA account and card, at no cost to the customer. We send you a message from BBVA with a 6-digit code you can use to validate the process.
  • 4G Internet connection or Wi-Fi. If you are going to sign up using your cell phone, we recommend that you should have a good connection (4G or Wi-Fi) to avoid connection issues during the video call and to ensure that your registration process can be completed without problems.
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Remember: At BBVA we do not use coordinate cards or other code systems. For any type of operation you need to carry out (contract a service, make a transfer, etc.), we will always send an SMS to the cell phone number you have indicated and validated.

And if already have an account in another bank?

If already have open an account in another company and wish bring it to BBVA, put at your disposal our Moving Service that sees to all the process of easy way and fast. So much available in as in BBVA's app, this service you allows, also, change your income (for example, your salary or pension) or your bills (water, gas, telephone, internet, schools, etc.) in a comfortable way, fast and with no cost type.
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  • They help identify the bank receiving a transfer, thus ensuring the security of the process.
  • We've made available several online features to make your banking easier, no matter where you are.
  • Transfer times vary. We'll explain all the aspects involved in this banking transaction.
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