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Instructions on how to change banks easily: accounts, cards, bills, your paycheck...
Changing your bank is one of the most important decisions you can make when managing your day-to-day affairs, since this will affect your bill paying, debit and credit cards, the ATMs you use to withdraw cash, and the app or website you use to manage your accounts or perform transfers.
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So that can change of bank of easy way and fast, you present the Removals service accessible for customers and non-customers through and the BBVA App. Here are some tips.

  • If you are not sure what account, card, or loan to apply for, the Moving Service features a search engine that can help you discover which products are suited to your needs. Simply tell us what type of product you are looking for, and we'll show you what we have to offer.
  • Don't close your account at the original bank (the bank you are leaving) until you've transferred over your direct debited bills, direct deposited income, etc. It is very common to want to close an account to avoid paying fees or having more paperwork, but you must make sure that you do not have any outstanding bills or that none is returned due to the cancellation of the account. Also avoid canceling your cards before your change of banks is complete, so you don't get left without any way to make payments.
  • When you open a new account, write down its number (including the IBAN number) and make an initial deposit that you can use to cover any new direct debited bills and other payments you need to make. In addition, use the Moving Service to direct deposit your income, such as your paycheck, pension or unemployment benefit. It's free, easy and 100% digital.
  • Make a list of the bills that you have direct debited: these bills can be annual, quarterly, monthly, etc. The fastest way to compile all of these is to access your original bank's website or app using your login information, then search for them in your account entries. Some advice to speed things up: many banks have an option to search your account entries for just “Bills” or “Direct debited bills”. If have any doubts about how search for them on the internet, you can go to a branch of your original bank and ask for a list of the bills for which you have direct debits.
  • For the bills you are paying by direct debiting, be sure to notify the corresponding companies, government offices, or other entities that your account number is changing. In BBVA you offer the Removals service , with which you decide how want request the change of direct debit payment: can connect with your Bank and select of the list of bills which want change or add a picture of the bills. In both cases, BBVA sees to carry out the change management of has the issuers in your name. Can learn more here.


  • If you are an employee (you work in a company and receive payment in return) or you receive periodic payments for another reason (rental of a residence or business premises, private lessons, etc.), remember to inform those who pay you (company or individuals) of the change in your account number. It is important to insist upon this point so they will not keep paying into the original account. This is often the reason why unauthorized overdrafts occur.
  • Make sure that the account you are canceling is not the one used for crediting the interest received from other financial products (term deposits, savings accounts, etc.) that you have at this or another bank.
  • If you have a mortgage, line of credit, or some other type of loan with the original bank or with another financial institution, and the account you are attempting to close is used to pay the installments and interest for those products, you will have to find out whether the change will be possible and whether there is any type of penalty for this.
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  • If you frequently use online shopping sites or e-commerce platforms (Amazon, Privalia, Zara, Carrefour, Mercadona, Spotify, Netflix, Just Eat, myTaxi, Uber, PayPal, IUPAY, etc.) where you have saved card or bank account information related to the bank you are leaving, be sure to update this information so you do not have problems with your next purchases or subscription renewals.
  • Tell your relatives, friends and acquaintances that you are changing accounts. People with close relationships often make payments to each other, whether these are one-time or periodic (sharing travel costs, rent, meals, reserving sports facilities, etc.), and you want to make sure that nobody sends any money into your old account.

Remember that at BBVA we can offer you an account with no administration or maintenance fees, which you can open from the comfort of your own home (using your cell phone or our website). We also offer a free service through the BBVA app that lets you transfer your direct debit bill paying, just by taking a photo of an invoice or bill for the service you want to start paying from your new account.

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  • They help identify the bank receiving a transfer, thus ensuring the security of the process.
  • We've made available several online features to make your banking easier, no matter where you are.
  • Transfer times vary. We'll explain all the aspects involved in this banking transaction.
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