Want pay by direct debit the salary in BBVA? Do it with the Removals service

Pay by direct debit the salary in another account can do in a comfortable and fast way.

Sometimes, results necessary change of bank due to the fact that the actual has modified your conditions or because presents a new situation financial that requires one has another type of characteristics. However, before this movement, the relocation of bills and salaries can result a process complicated and boring. 

Nevertheless, and thanks to the new technologies, have created experiences as BBVA's removals service , whose objective is facilitate these administrative steps. In this item go to explain you how pay by direct debit the salary in your new account thanks to this new service.

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Removals service of BBVA
Changes your salary or pension to BBVA of easy way and comfortable.

What is the Removals service?

Before take the decision of change of bank is necessary to meditate the benefits and disadvantages that this supposes, what entails consider the advantages of move the account and the additional services that offers the destination bank. From there, and once has decided do the change, start the quebraderos of head in the shape of uncomfortable and long administrative steps of service relocations and of accounts. 

BBVA's removals service is a completely free functionality that BBVA offers for facilitate this type of administrative steps. Your customers can access she from bbva.es or from BBVA's app. Anyone who still not it are, also can have the service to the open an account in BBVA. Of your hand, the customer can choose what bills and income wants move.

In the first case, if chooses the option of relocation of bills, BBVA sees to contact the issuers of the bills of water, gas, telephone, internet, schools, etc. to ask them to change the direct debit account. If what wishes is the relocation of recurringincome, the user can choose if do he the management with your salary company or payer or other income for manage the change of direct debit payment or leave it at the hands of BBVA facilitating the contact of the payer for do this communication.

How activate BBVA's Removals service

Use BBVA's Removals service is very simple. If the interested party still not is customer of BBVA, the first step to take is open a bank account , that is exempt from fees of transfers, of credit cash withdrawal or debit in ATMs (of BBVA), of administration and maintenance of the account and of issuance and maintenance of the debit card. Register is free and can do in person or in a telematic way, so much in bbva.es as in BBVA's app. 

After this step previous, or if the concerned individual already was customer, owe select the experience Removals service from the website or the mobileapplication. The customers that wish do a relocation in the direct debit payment of your salary can request, through one of these platforms virtual, the document that owe present in your company for ask for the change of account where receive your salary from that moment on. 

There are other situations in which can do a relocation of income, as is the case of the owners of goods real-estate, that receive in a recurring way the payment of a rent, or the pensioners. The first be able to obtain the document necessary to give to your tenants and, this way, receive the payment in the new account in an automatic way and without cost. The pensioners, on the other hand, can ask for supplemental information by e-mail or in your branch office on how pay by direct debit the pension in your new bank account through the Removals service. 

If the customer wishes carry out the relocation of a bill through the Removals service, be enough with that does a picture of these bills and BBVA see to the change management of bills to your new bank account, that be carried out in an immediate way.

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Administrative steps to take into account to the pay by direct debit the salary

There is a series of recommendations to take into account related to the direct deposit when carries out a change towards a new account: 

  • Make sure that the new account complies with the requirements and services that look for. For this, is recommendable talk with the manager or consult carefully the conditions on the website of the bank.
  • Not cancel the account of the other bank until make sure that all the direct debit payments and the bills have been subscribers (be able to be payments pending, with your penalties corresponding). An error quite common to the create a new account, generated to the try avoid eventual charges of fees.
  • Inform to all the payers of the change of account (above all if is employee). Of not do, these follow carrying out the income in the former banking organization and it can produce an overdraft in the new account.

If need change of banking organization and you have settled on an account of BBVA, makes good use of the Removals service for do the relocation of direct debit payment of salary and fee-paying of bills. Can do all the administrative steps of way completely digital from bbva.es or from the mobile application and in just some clicks. Change of account never had been so easy.

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