Deferred payment for debit card purchases

A new way to defer your taxes, debit card purchases, bills and transfers

Purchases and taxes for more than €50. 

Bills over €300 that do not come from financial customers. 

Some transfers for more than €300.

  • No issue or maintenance fee. 
  • With no cancellation fee. 
  • You pay a single fee for each deferred purchase.

How does it work?

    • The first time, you will need to apply for your credit limit.
    • Then, you just have to check the charge you want to defer and choose the payback period from those offered.
    • Once you apply, the amount of the charge selected will be paid into your account and you will pay back the deferred amount over the period you have chosen. 
    • Each charge deferred will be subtracted from your available limit.
    • This limit will be reset as you make the monthly payments on the deferral, or if you cancel it early.

    You will be able to defer as many payments as you like, as often as you like, provided that:

    • Debit card purchases for more than €50.
    • Taxes for more than €50.
    • Bills for more than €300 that do not come from financial customers. 
    • Some transfers for more than €300. 
    • The payment was made less than 90 days ago.
    • You don't exceed the credit limit you have available at the time.

    You can select up to 5 transactions in a single deferral operation (you can defer additional transactions if you need to. The total fee will be the same as if you deferred them all at once).

    And you can cancel it any time at no additional cost.

How do I open one?

    • Through the BBVA app and website.
    • Payments that can be deferred feature the "Installments available" label. Click on the label to see how to apply.
    • When you apply, we will review your credit rating and assign you a payment deferral limit (up to €1,200).

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