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High value independent management

High value advice

The best travel companion opens up new paths for you.

Our private bankers look after your interests with complete transparency, offering you solutions adapted to your investment profile and allowing you to have the last word.

  • With a team of experts to provide multidisciplinary support in all aspects of your asset finance needs.
  • And a convenient and complete relationship model that balances in-person interactions and digital communications, prioritizing your convenience at all times.

Investment solutions

Analysis of the situation and planning

Knowledge is your best ally.

We have a team of experts in economic and market analysis at our customers' disposal.  Furthermore, the <b>BBVA Research</b> area holds an indisputable reputation in the sector, serving as a leading reference for providing support in forecasting and macroeconomic perspectives.

  • Personalized advice based on the analysis and knowledge of Investment Management.
  • More than 100 BBVA Research analysts in 10 countries.
  • Support from all the global capabilities of the BBVA Group.

Our team of tax experts ensures that they provide all the necessary information and are up to date on relevant issues that may influence the proper planning of your estate.

Advanced digital experience

Technology at the service of your interests.

At BBVA Wealth Management, we know how important the investments you have with us are to you. That's why we monitor the progress of your portfolio that you can access from your personal area of the BBVA app and<b></b>. You will find detailed analysis of your portfolio and a one-click reports section that you can view and download.

It also has all the advantages of digital banking to:

  • Trade whenever and wherever you want.
  • Digitally sign your orders and banking <b>transactions </b>with total security.
  • Contact your banker whenever you need to.

Embrance your personal freedom

Questioning everything you've been told, abandoning the conventional path, and following your instincts is commendable. Because not everyone can cope with that responsibility. 

Finding comfort in living authentically and pursuing actions that align with the true essence of your soul is truly fulfilling. It marks the commencement of the path towards freedom, a transformative journey with no possibility of retracing your steps.  

Being unique has immeasurable value. If this is what moves you, we want to be the bank that stands by your side throughout the journey. Because we understand how strong your convictions are that have brought you to this point, we are committed to ensuring that independence remains the guiding principle in both our actions and yours.

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