Avoids problems: requests your personal loan on the internet in a fast and sure way

For furnish your new home, pay the studies or change of car in an immediate way.

Ask for a loan is a way of face those expenses to which not can face in an immediateway. Is situations, as pay the studies, change of car, furnish your future house or get married, that require an effort economic important. Maybe not have skills for deal with those expenses or can that, simply, prefer ask for it to him to the bank and pay them gradually. 

In this item, you count how request personal loans on the internet fast and insurance and the passwords to take into account before choose the loan that better adapts to your circumstances and needs.

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A Fast Loan with no paperwork
If not are customer, can request from 3,000€ to 20,000€ of way 100% online.

How much money need?

Before request a personal loan on the internet you recommend that know exactly which is your limit of indebtedness, that is, which is the amount of the monthly fees that you can allow pay without happen hardships. The limit comes conditional upon your skills fee-paying. Is recommendable compare different alternatives that there are in the market and which of they conforms better to what need.

In BBVA count a comparer of loans with which can do you an idea fast of all that you offer, and in what conditions, from the interest rates or the start-up fees and cancellation until the repayment periods.

To what interest can pay it?

When the bank you provides money not only looks for a profitability but also owes assume a default risk and, in exchange for all of this, you requests the money lent more some interests. If want compare the interest that us offer different banks owe set us in the NIR and the APR. 

  • The acrónimo NIR makes reference to the Nominal Interest rate, the price that the bank is paid for provide us money. It is calculated on the basis of a percentage on the capital lent to the customer. This percentage is applied to the capital outstanding at any given time. The NIR does not include any fees the loan might have.
  • The APR is the Equivalent Annual Rate and, as well as the NIR, represents what costs the loan but this time including the fees and other expenses that can come associated to the granting of the loan.

In how long can return the personal loan fast?

The period of repayment is the prescribed time for return the money lent, more your interests, to the bank. What is normal is that situates between the two and the eight years, although depend on every bank and of the conditions of each loan on the internet or office.

Which are the fees associated to the loan that have chosen?

The majority of financing products have some relatedfee. The more common are:

  • Opening fee: this is a small percentage of the total of the loan that is paid at the start.
  • Fee of total early cancellation or partial: pay a percentage of the capital that amortizes of the loan.

If you emerge doubts when choose the loan, you recommend that contact our managers, that you help to decide the loan that better adapts to your circumstances.

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Request it in a fast way and 100% online. Whether you are a BBVA customer or not.

How request your loan in a fast and sure way

The processes of application of the loans on the internet, as well as other products and services, are modernizing and adapting to the new age digital and to the new ways of consumption. Talk of those years in which ask for a loans meant go to the office of the neighborhood and talk with the manager lifelong for try convince him of the reason for one the application. All that has changed. Currently, can do 100% on the internet in a fast and sure way.

BBVA puts at your disposal the Personal Loan without Documents, a loan fast aimed at non-customers with which between finance of 3,000 and 20,000€ in a term of 8 years for your projects.

Moreover, thanks to the service of aggregation of BBVA, not need attach no type of documentation (only the ID for the identification) and receive the response to your application in a term of 8 working hours. And that not is all, being based in the skills and potencies that offers the aggregation of banks, be able to carry out the process of application of your loan on the internet in a fast and sure way.

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