Asks for your loan fast without pay by direct debit the salary

For entrepreneurs, pensioners and itinerant workers.

Not leave that nothing slows down your personal planners or professionals. If need request a loan fast without salary, can contribute another type of information on your income for ensure to the company that can return the loan. For example, can present a pension or, if are self-employed worker, a statement of the VAT or of the PERSONAL INCOME TAX. If are thinking in request a loan and not have a salary paid in directly in the bank, take into account that is some companies that offer loans without salary.

The salary is one of the great guarantees that has the bank for make sure that the person that asks for the loan goes to be able to return the money lent. Have a salary paid in directly not is indispensable for access a loan, but gives many facilities and support to that the bank you offers better conditions.

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A Fast Loan with no paperwork
If not are customer, can request from 3,000€ to 20,000€ of way 100% online.

Requirements basic for ask for a loan

Every banking organization has your own criteria when grant a loan. These depend, to a great extent, of the policy of risk of the bank, of the cash amount that provides and of the destination of the money, among others factors. 

Additionally there are a series of requirements common that all the banks ask for to the applicants of a loan, is this of the type that is:

  • Being of legal age: the banks need ensure that the money lent them be returned and that only is possible if have a case history credit stable and income regular. Both of these conditions are difficult for a minor to comply with.
  • Have solvency and income stable: the borrower owes prove that can return the money lent. For this, must contribute some income stable and higher than the obligations acquired with the bank.

Alternatives to the salary

As have remarked, is alternatives that you allow prove your skills fee-paying of the loan if not have a salary paid in directly (unemployment benefit, a pension, etc.). However, BBVA goes beyond the documentation and of the paperwork, giving you the option of prove your solvency in front of the loan through the process of aggregation of your banks.

This process is very simple, fast and 100% online. When do the application of your loan fast without documents you ask for that introduce the passwords of your bank. In approximately 2 minutes, BBVA analyze your movements and in 8 working hours have a response to your application.

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Request it in a fast way and 100% online. Whether you are a BBVA customer or not.

BBVA offers alternatives for access instant financing. For example, contracting a credit card of BBVA be able to do, provided that it need, a funds transfer of your card to your account, until the amount limit that have granted. This way, access an extra money right away, which be able to return in comfortable terms.

Moreover, BBVA offers you the possibility to finance bills or to pay for purchases you make with your credit card in installments. If want more information, the find in or coming to your office nearer.

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