Can ask for a loan fast without endorsement?

How obtain the financing that need without have to turn to a third party.

Have an endorsement can help you when request a loan to a banking organization, although the final decisions depend on other factors, as the loan policy of the financial institution, the cash amount requested or the solvency of the borrower. 

Be in possession of an endorsement is always a sign reliable that increases a lot of the probabilities of that the bank you grants the loan. If not pays the loan, the avalista owe take over of the debt with your current and future goods. 

Through the endorsement, the bank obtains the collateral security of that leave to fulfill the fees of stipulated refund in the contract and of that in the event that the customer not can face to the payments, the money goes to be returned to the financial institution for another via. However, if not has avalista or of a good specific, for example, a housing, how can access a loan fast without bank guarantee?

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Requirements for access a loans fast without endorsement

The bank needs check the solvency of the borrower for recover the money lent and for charge the interests. For make sure that comply with the obligations economic acquired, the financial institution you asks for that comply with the next requirements: 

  • Being of legal age: this requirement may be waived under certain isolated and exceptional circumstances. 
  • Be solvent: income higher than the obligations acquired with the bank for the applicant of the loan. 
  • Stable income: guaranteed incomes as far as possible. 
  • Not have credits open with other companies: the granting of a fast loan be easier in this case.

To what loan type can access without endorsement?

The loans can classify in two major categories: staffs and mortgage. Generally, the banking organizations grant with more facility a personal loan that one mortgage one and not ask for a guarantee specific, as a housing, although owe reply of the payment of the credit with current and future the goods. 

The personal loans are intended for take care of needs specific that emerge at one point. The more well-known are the consumer loans, for finance consumer durables as a car, a motorbike or a piece of furniture. Additionally they are those whose granting does in a fast way and with fewer paperwork. 

Before request the loan, you recommend that you ensure what cash amount can request, the interest that you go to apply for provide you the money, the fees, the agreed term or period of time for return the loan and the amount of the periodical fees.

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If are customer of BBVA, can access the loans fast (minimum 1,500€) through, BBVA's app or from any of our ATMs. Moreover, some of our customers can access a Preapproved Loan Online, adapted and personalized depending on every customer that it requests. 

You can see all the information about loans and try the calculator on the BBVA website.

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