Arrive the loans fast for non-customers to your bank

That's the way it is BBVA's new protest.
One of the great challenges for the banking are the loans fast for non-customers . It are for double-entry bookkeeping, since suppose the start to grant non-customers (of which has little information) amounts that overcome the€3,000. All, with the maximum agility and comfort possible.
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A Fast Loan with no paperwork
If not are customer, can request from 3,000€ to 20,000€ of way 100% online.

The password of these fast loans? The time and the comfort

The technology has changed the way of access the information in the financial sector, predominating the immediacy so much in the consumption as in the response to the customer. This does that procedures as that one of ask for a personal loan no longer needs 8 weeks for manage nor requires of pass by the office, talk with the manager, send the relevant documentation and be waiting for approval. Today, is possible carry out it all in 8 hours and from any mobile device. 

BBVA, always in looks for of the comfort of your customers, is one of the first banks in implement a new procedure for loans fast online that avoids that have to go to the office or send paperwork for generate your application. BBVA only needs have connection with the bank where are accommodated the products banking (accounts, cards, etc.) for, and fulfilling always the standards of security that mark the current legislation, pass if the application carried out is viable. All in an agile and fast way.

Ask for a loan fast in another account unopened bank

Nowadays, and unlike what happened years ago, the customers have your products contracted in several banks at the same time, according to them offer better conditions. Additionally influences the fact of that, nowadays, change of bank is fewer engorroso of what used to be. A new stage that moves also to the loans fast for non-customer without paperwork.

Before this, the banks pose a new solution: pay by direct debit the fee of your loan in another bank. This does possible have your loan in a bank and your salary or pension in another different one. 

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Want a loan?
Request it in a fast way and 100% online. Whether you are a BBVA customer or not.

PSD2 facilitates new lines for the application of loans

The technical rules of the game have changed with the application of the PSD2, European directive that regulates the payment services and reinforces the level of protection of the consumers. One of your major advantages is the be able to connect the accounts accommodated in another bank in order visualize all your movements and even do transfers.

BBVA already has advertised your solution for offer loans fast online without paperwork to non-customer. Has a new product that gives access to a maximum of 20,000€ without need of open an account in BBVA, without carry out no paperwork and with rapid response in 8 working hours. An effort that offers to your customers the best experience that contribute the mix of the technological progress with the simple and agile processes.

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