That's the way it is the data protection to the ask for a loan fast

To the request a personal loan owe give details sensitive, what compels to toughen the security.

To the carry out the search of a personal loan, tried economize in the price, obtain the best conditions and, last of all, that the process of application is simple, us takes little time and guarantees a correct protection of our details.

On the basis of this, can happen that our financial institution not is the one which better adapts to these needs. Additionally can give the case of that, in spite of do it, the paperwork required for request the loan fast is excessive. This owes to that the company must ensure that the applicant can face the payment and return the money lent, for what you asks for the ID/ID number, the work life, several salaries and, even, papers of your properties.

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If not are customer, can request from 3,000€ to 20,000€ of way 100% online.

Protection of the details in the sending of documentation

Internet and the mobile telephone have changed the way of carry out our administrative steps banking, included the procedures for request any type of loan fast. This poses a challenge: the creation of environments that us guarantee a sure sending of the personal documents and sensitive, as well as a complete protection of our details. For this, recommends:

  • Know to the bank applicant of the documentation, reading your Legal Notices and your Privacy policy. 
  • Send the documents from websites that are sure (must provide attention to the simbolo of the padlock and to the ‘https’ of the authority) and never for pages that us generate any type of doubt. 

Additionally there are solutions, as the financial aggregators, that allow the connection between banks with the only aim of recover certain available data, previous authorization of the customer, that can revert the permission or modify it when it wishes. An option that has come for stay, more after the touchdown in September of the new directive PSD2, which expedite this process of information exchange between companies, what will suppose a major upheaval for the loans fast as well as for the operations daily. 

This means that be possible from be punctually learnt more about the movements and products of all the banks to carry out transfers from the accounts that have in them, all from self application.

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Protection of your details to the request a loan fast

On the basis of the ‘revolución’ previously mentioned, BBVA has put in motion your new process of loans application fast online, with response in 8 working hours. Suitable for non-customers, not requires of sending of documentation. Is enough with authorize the connection online between BBVA and the other bank, what allows the acquirement of the details necessary to the management. Once carried out this step, the commitment is give a response in a period never higher than the 8 working hours on the contracting of the fast loan, also through Internet, good from your computer or from the cell phone.
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