What to do with savings? Investment advice

We explain all the elements you need to take into account before deciding how to invest your savings.
The dilemma of many savers is what do with your saving for make profitable it without incur in risks unwanted. When this amount reaches the four figures, already is possible access different opportunities of investment, options interesting that allow obtain a yield higher than the one which offers a checking account normal. However, sometimes is difficult know where invest and how. In this item you give several advice so that values what do with the savings.
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When invest, assume a series of risks that depend, to a great extent, of the type of product in which has decided invest. For reduce this exhibition to the risk, is very important have the right information that allows do an idea clear of the product features in which wants invest and of the guarantees that this offers. Is important know that the risk, in itself, not is something negative, but is a variable that is necessary to know manage. And, above all, know when owes incur in him.

For this reason, is important ensure that the investment decisions that take receive professional counseling. Additionally is recommendable bet for contract the services of companies that give information clear and transparent and that have agents specialized that can advise and analyze the evolution of the savings.

Defines your objectives and chooses a product of saving depending on your needs

Before undertake the path as investor, is recommendable pose which are the reasons through which wants invest and what results waiting obtain. That is, establish objectives. Take out yield to the money always is an option a lot of better that spend it or have it still in the bank, since both options not bring no benefit economic. Once picked the path of the investment, the second step is decide how leaves to undertake.

The first thing that is necessary pose is the cash amount of the one which arranges and what percentage wants invest. Not is a good idea destine the total of the savings to the investment, since always is recommendable have a mattress for any unforeseen event economic that can emerge. Moreover, is important make sure that the money invested is money surplus of the one which not leaves to have to arrange in the short term.

Is necessary to take into account that not is necessary have major additions monetary in order invest, since is possible subscribe products of investment from the 1,000 euros. However, the product that chooses owes be chord to the cash amount of the one which arranges. Additionally is necessary consider the knowledge financial with which account, since some products are a lot of easier to use that other. Likewise, is important conscious being of the risk profile of the one which part, that is, if wants, and can, assume risks with the investment or, on the other hand, if has a more conservative profile, without major knowledge of investments and prefers not run major risks. One of the variables that more conditions the profile of investment is the time horizon: how much more far removed is the aim, more risks be able to assume.

For example, the investment funds are a major option for who not wants invest a major cash amount and not has many knowledge financial, since is an expert the one which manages the capital and takeover the investment decisions pertinent. Moreover, is a product flexible that can make good use of the opportunities and generate good results. On the other hand, the purchase and sale of stock requires a certain experience in investment and is exposed to higher risks. Moreover, is a fewer investment diversified and, therefore, more volatile.

Defines what liquidity need

As well as choose the product suitable and calculate the cash amount more advantageous when invest, also is very important assess what needs can have in the period of time that lasts the investment. If consider that is possible that go to need the money of way anticipated, owe choose products of high liquidity, as the investment funds.
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Do a tracking of your investment

Choose the product of suitable investment not is the only formula for guarantee the success of the investment. Once carried out the same one, is important that watch and monitor your evolution periodically for consider if the evolution answers to the expectations and if is necessary rethink the strategy. With the movement of the markets, the value of the assets and different currencies change constantly, so is important that be aware and make sure that the investment not incurs in risks that exceed which can assume.

In BBVA know that is important that have the maximum information possible so that can take the investment decision more suitable. For that reason, put at your disposal our service BBVA Invest, that you offers counseling personalized on the options of investment that better conform to your needs and financial situation. Enters bbva.es and knows to our panel of experts that you help to achieve the best yield for your savings.

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