Balanced investment portfolio

You count all that need know for take a good decision when invest and take out the better yield to your savings.
A portfolio of investment is formed by the set of financial assets in which invest savings. These assets can include from stock in the stock market until investments in currencies or shares in investment funds. For an investor not expert, can result very difficult decide why products decant when invest, since the possibilities are very wide and sometimes can result complicated identify what options are which more conform to the needs own. You count in detail in what consists a portfolio of investment balanced and what factors owe take into account for invest your savings of the way more suitable.
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The investor profile

The first thing that must pose anyone person that wants invest is which is your risk profile . For define this profile, the first step is find out the tolerance level to the risk. This tolerance depends on questions objective, as the time horizon until the objective (the more wide is, more risks can assume), but also of questions subjective, since to equality of conditions of investment, some investors have more dislike to the risk that other. That is, the risk also has a component of subjectivity. If the investor not has major knowledge financial, the plainest thing is that decants for assets that offer guarantees and that not incur in major risks, as the investment funds, for example. Similarly, results very important take into account the objective of the investment and the reason through which has chosen an option or another. The assets more suitable for investments short term have characteristics very different than anyone who focus to the long term.

Likewise, is important determine what percentage of the portfolio leaves to invest in every type of asset. An investor not owes in no case put all your resources in assets of risk. Besides have a portfolio good diversified, is important take into account that can happen unforeseen events. For this, is important have always a mattress of security in the shape of saving in liquid assets, although not generate profitability. This come of another type of assets invested medium and long term.

Types of assets for create a portfolio of investment

  • Stock: are the equal parts in which divides the capital stock of a company. Who the acquires, becomes stockholder and, therefore, in owner of a part of the society. The stock constitute an investment with high risk of market, given your volatility. However, your potential profitability is higher that that one of other assets. Additionally many of they offer a profitability yearly additional via dividend. Operate in the share income is recommended for investors with solid knowledge financial.
  • Bonds: with the purchase of bonds invests in debt that later be returned in a date fixed and with the interest payment. The investment in bonds is, beforehand, fewer volatile that the investment in equities. However, is important explain it, given that there are many yield securities fixed, of issuers of diverse solvency, and moreover the profitability is acquaintance previously provided that remain the titles to maturity. Otherwise, be necessary to come to the market and the price is uncertain. The spectrum is very wide, from debt of very creditworthy countries until yield securities fixed corporate high yield.
  • Exchange market: The changes of the value of the currencies are an important opportunity of investment when the currency in which decides invest has an evolution favorable long-term. Invest in this type of assets is especially recommendable for skilled investors that are a day of the variations in the exchange rates, given that is one nversión subjected to high volatility.
  • Investment funds: the investment funds are Institutions of Collective Investment (CII). In short, what do is combine the saving of many individuals for invest it jointly, thanks to professional managers and following an investment policy previously established. Allow access portfolios good diversified with lower costs and with an operation simple. Allows, for example, with an investment of only 1,000 euros, invest in 30 or 40 stock, something that be impossible through the direct investment.

Diversification of the investment

It more important when create a portfolio of investment balanced is diversify and choose invest in different markets and terms, as well as in different products, since diversifying the portfolio diversifies the risk. Answers to the famous philosophy of “not put all the eggs in the same basket”. A portfolio good diversified us allows face, in an untroubled way, to the vaivenes of market, given that, before a behavior wished in one or several of the assets, there are other assets with non correlated behaviors that achieve equilibrate the profitability average of the portfolio.
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Taxation of the products financial

An aspect that escapes to the consideration of many investors is the related to the obligations tax that add the different financial investment products. A correct investment decision passes by optimize the financial returns, that is, the final profitability once discounted the obligations tax. For this, is basic know the fiscal peculiarities of each asset.

In BBVA are aware of what is difficult that can result choose invest in some products financial or other depending on your experience as investor. For this reason, have an expert team for help you to take a good decision when invest your savings. Enters and requests counseling for discover all our range of products of investment and contract the one which better adapts to your needs.

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