When will my checking account become operational?

We'll explain about when you can start using your BBVA Online Account
The time it will take for you to be able to use your checking account will vary depending on the channel you used to sign up. Check below to see exactly when you can start to use your BBVA Online Account.
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If you completed the online sign-up process successfully and submitted all the required documentation (Tax ID Number/Foreigner ID Number (NIF/NIE in Spanish) and any other documents requested), you can expect to wait between 10 and 12 days before you can start using your account; carry out transfers, receive deposits, or view your account balance and entries.

You will receive an email and a text message to inform you when your account is operational.


If you registered by phone and you completed the video call successfully, you will receive a welcome email and text message right away, informing you that your account is operational.

Common reasons why the process is not successfully completed:

  • Problem with the video call/advisers unavailable: If for some reason you were unable to complete the identification process by video call, you will receive an email at your email address that will allow you to start the video call again and complete the process.
  • Low-quality or defective photos of the National ID Document (DNI): If for some reason the photos you took of your DNI did not turn out right or if they do not meet the quality and clarity requirements from our security system, a member of BBVA's customer service team will contact you to request new photos and help ensure that the process is completed successfully.
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No account or card fees.

Learn about the Online Fee-Free Account

Do you want to know the status of your process?

If want know the status of your customer sign-up process:

  • Log in to bbva.es or the BBVA app with your login credentials (DNI/NIE + Password).
  • On the start screen you can check the status of your process and confirm that you do not have any documents with reception pending.
  • If you have some document pending, you can choose the delivery and identification method (courier, email, etc.).
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