Thus change to the fintech the regulation PSD2

More options and value-added services for the consumer.

The end fintech (born of unite finance and technology) makes reference to those companies that look for transform the financial services using the new technologies . Your objective is do a more accessible banking for the customer, simplifying the processes that this owes to carry out (as the payments and charges or the production of investments), to what support the use of Internet. 

An innovative model that is doing that these fintech grow to major speed. However, be with the application of the regulation PSD2 (the next one September 14) when acquire that position of privilege that so much long for and that to date not have been able to achieve.

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Do all that need from the cell phone of easy way and comfortable.

And is that, this directive not only looks for promote the security in the payments online, also wants end of define a single market of payments online in the EEE. A space in which these fintech have a leading role to the have the same tools that the banking organizations traditional, duty bound to share the information of your customers (provided that these give the approval) with the TPPs. 

A fact that opens for the consumer new options among which choose when carry out payments online, plainer and useable, on a par that them offers value-added services that them help to take better decision-makings financial.

BBVA and the fintech

BBVA also walks aligned with the regulation PSD2 with regard to the fintech. Are a crucial factor for offer a better service our customers. 

For that reason, long ago open our platform to the TPPs and, since then, these can profit from our technology with the aim of create functionalities that can give an added value to the consumer

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This, together with our strategy of anticipation, allows to our customers access innovative solutions that them do the life easier as, for example, the Service of Aggregation with which have all your accounts and cards in the same space. Additionally have services as turn on or turn off your cards from the cell phone or My day by day for have controlled your economy in a simple way from BBVA's app. Can ask for more?
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