Pay by direct debit my salary: What is and how can do it?

Associates the salary to your checking account for obtain certain advantages.
The banking organizations have products financial very varied for cover the needs of the different customer profiles. In the case of the workers, one of the services of which can profit is that one of the direct debit payment of your salaries. Discovers what is pay by direct debit the salary and the advantages that it entails.
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In what consists pay by direct debit a salary

To the start to work in a company, one of the first details to give is the number of checking account in which the wage earner wishes receive the monthly payment of your salary. Pay by direct debit it, therefore, consists of link the salary to a bank account that chooses (and of the one which is account holder).

Advantages of pay by direct debit the salary

Pay by direct debit the salary to an account usually entail advantages for the account holder of the same one. For example, to the be carried out this procedure in BBVA, the interested party can obtain the exemption from fees for the administration and maintenance of the account, for the issuance of checks and transfers, and for the issuance and maintenance of the credit or debit card. Be able to enjoy these advantages depends on the type of account that wishes open (Account Salary Goes With you or BBVA Joven Account, for example or other accounts) and of the customer profile, owing fulfill certain requirements when works for a third party (age of the account holder or the deposit of an amount with a frequency marked, among others), which change if the occupations or trade carry out on a self-employed basis.

How pay by direct debit a salary

As a general rule, the interested party in pay by direct debit your salary needs present an official certificate of the bank to your company. If still not is customer, the first thing is open a checking account. Once it does, and also if already was customer, can access the Service Removal for request the document to present to the human resources department of your company and ask for the change of account where receive your salary from that moment on.

The process is online and can carry out from or the mobile application, following these steps: 

1. Access the Private Area, in, with the user and the password.

2. In ‘Posición global’, click in Service Removal - “Bring my income” or click the number of account and, next, do the same thing in ‘Quiero’.

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3. Select the option ‘Otras operaciones’ and, consecutive act, that one of ‘Traer my ingresos’. 

4. Choose how communicate it to the payer. The customer has 2 options: do it the same one or that BBVA does the management for what is necessary contribute the contact details of the payer

5. Fill in the fields of the form for generate the certificate in PDF. 

Depending on the option selected, this document with the application of the change of account sends by e-mail to the payer (if the management the carries out BBVA) or to the email of the customer (management own). After this, owe be downloaded for your delivery to the human resources department of the company person responsible for issue the salary.

A change of direct debit payment of salary can delay a bit. This time depend on the day of the month in which does the application of the direct debit payment to the company person responsible for pay the salary, although it more common is that does effective the month subsequent to the requested one. In the event of do through the Removals service, BBVA see to manage the process of way fast and with no cost type for the account holder, being the company the one which it carries out and the customer the one which owes blame of carry out the tracking of the process.

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