How does Bizum work?

Discover the simplicity of its instant SMS payment process.

When Bizum showed up, it was a real revolution in the world of bank transfers. Its secret? Knowing how to combine the 3 needs that were required in this area, speed, simplicity and security, while also eliminating complex or outdated processes to "settle accounts" with your friends or family. 

Over time, it has become one of the best methods for sending and receiving money. But, how does Bizum work? To use it, simply verify that your bank has Bizum and decide which account (bank and account number) you want to associate with it to start sending and receiving money. 

Once you have chosen which account you want to associate your cell phone number with to start using Bizum, you just need to start sending and requesting money. 

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Goes through money right away with Bizum, without cost
Do it from BBVA's app and contributing only the phone number, without accounts.
Bizum is just a click away in the BBVA app. Choose the account you have associated with Bizum and choose the "Send/receive money" option. Then, you will only have to choose the contact from your agenda you want to send money to and specify the amount. A process that is free to use whether the sender and recipient are with the same or different banks.

How do I register?

Sending money with Bizum is fast and easy, and so is the registration process. First, you need to have an active account in a bank that includes the service, as well as an active phone number

If you have both, the next step is to register in Bizum. You can do this in the private area of the website or in your app. Remember that even if you have your smartphone linked to an account number in another bank to use Bizum, you can change to BBVA whenever you want. This explains how to transfer your Bizum account from another bank.

High security

Security is also a priority in Bizum, especially considering that it is available for 95% of the banking sector. It has its own tools, such as limits on money transfer amounts (€500 per transaction, €1,200 a day and 30 transactions a month) to avoid theft, and additional verification of credentials to avoid mistaking the recipient or the amount of money to transfer.

And if the error has already occurred, you can request to have the money returned from within the app itself. If it takes a long time to resolve, we can step in to speed up the process (only if you are a BBVA customer).

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Does your bank app have Bizum?
BBVA's does, and it's very easy to use.
Bizum also makes it possible to pay for your online purchases quickly and easily in participating stores, so you don't have to enter your bank account or your card number.
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