How can I transfer my Bizum account from another bank?

We'll explain the steps you have to take.


For security reasons, a phone number * can only be linked to one account (IBAN) in a given bank. To transfer your Bizum account to BBVA from another bank, you must:

  1. Cancel your Bizum registration at the bank where it is activated. By doing so, you will unlink your cell phone number from the account of the bank where you carry out transactions. Then, you can sign up with the same cell phone number at BBVA (or at another bank). Find the "Settings" option in the "Bizum" section.
  2. Register at BBVA. If you don't remember how, click here

* It is possible to link more than one telephone number to the same bank account. For example, you and your partner can register their phone numbers with the same account.