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Car and motorcycle insurance from BBVA

We insure your vehicle and its passengers, and if you have a motorcycle, of course we insure that too!

You will have complete flexibility: select the coverage types and options you need.

  • BBVA Third-party Insurance

  • BBVA Comprehensive

  • Coche Insurance advantages

  • BBVA Moto Insurance

What services does it offer me

We insure your vehicle and its occupants, while offering safe driver discounts. You can enjoy these exclusive advantages:

  • Door-to-door service, with a professional driver picking up and dropping off your vehicle when it needs to go into the shop or have a required technical inspection (ITV in Spanish). 
  • Travel assistance from the first mile you drive.

Third-party Basic

An insurance for people like you, who want to insure their vehicle and protect its occupants.

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Third-party Windows Insurance

All the benefits of BBVA's Basic Third-Party Insurance with additional coverage for broken windows.

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Third-party Windows + Theft + Fire Insurance

The protection of BBVA's Basic Third-Party Insurance with additional coverage for broken windows, theft, and fire.

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BBVA Comprehensive Insurance

The best protection with optional deductibles starting at €99.
For people like you, who want the best coverage for their car and its occupants.

  • Main coverages: civil liability, personal accident insurance for driver and passengers, broken windows, theft, fire, personal damages and losses to the vehicle.
  • You can contract two optional coverage packages: Improved Pack (extends existing coverages) and Replacement Vehicle.

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What services does it offer me

Move around as you please and always with the peace of mind that comes from feeling fully protected on the road with BBVA car insurance. Take out your insurance up to 9 months before your current policy expires. Regardless of the type you choose, with BBVA Coche Insurance, you will be covered for:

  • Public liability as a pedestrian or cyclist: your insurance will still cover you even when you get out of the car.
  • Legal assistance: we will help you handle fines
  • Travel assistance insurance: From the first mile, 24 hours a day. If you need one, we will send a tow truck within 50 minutes (if we are late, we will give you €50).

Plus, enjoy additional services such as: 

  • Door-to-door service: a professional driver will pick up and deliver the vehicle to your home, to take it to the repair shop or to run it through the ITV road-worthiness test. 
  • Free choice of repair shop: you decide who will take care of your vehicle.

Choosing our trusted repair shops, while they repair your car you receive a courtesy car (subject to availability of the repair shop), and you also have a guarantee on repairs if you are the owner of the vehicle insured with BBVA Coche Insurance

This guarantee will be valid at the shop where the repairs were made, when resulting from an accident covered by BBVA Coche Insurance, and only after verification by an expert.

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The repair guarantee does not include

mechanical replacement parts or damage to the engine, transmission, or electrical components. Any damage caused by normal usage to elements subject to wear, or damage caused by a lack of maintenance or improper usage, is also excluded.

BBVA Moto Insurance

Insurance that covers damages caused to your motorcycle (with engine capacity over 100 cc but with less than 150 hp). and its occupants, as well as to other vehicles and their occupants in the event of an accident.

  • You will be able to choose from among 5 modalities.
  • A wide range of coverage and optional contracting of the Upgrade Package (with more coverage types and expansion of the existing limits).

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