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The advantages of BBVA's online banking

We'll tell you how BBVA online banking offers you functionalities that will make your life easier

premio-mejor-banca-europea-forrester.jpgBBVA is working to offer you the best online banking, with the most complete range of functionalities that will make your banking tasks quicker and easier, wherever you are.

This effort has fact that bbva.es becomes in the best app of banking to level mudial according to the ranking that elaborates Forrester, that awards a prize the A grades tools and financial services of your banking online.

Below we'll show some of the tools we offer:

Online signature: You'll be able to sign your contracts online conveniently and securely.

BBVA Contigo Advisor: With BBVA you have at your disposal your own telephone advisor to resolve all your doubts and help you with your banking tasks.

Turn your cards on or off : On the BBVA website or app you will be able to turn your cards on or off whenever you like, giving you total control over them.

My goals: Set your savings goals and your own objectives. The goals are completely editable to help you to organize your money.

My day-to-day: We place at your disposal an intuitive tool with which you can control your expenses and manage your accounts.

Mobile Cash: You can go online, without a card, and send money to a BBVA ATM to be collected by anyone you wish, including yourself.

BBVA Values: If you're thinking of buying a house, this comprehensive tool allows you to see the estimated price of the property you would like to buy, as well as the prices of other properties in the area you are interested in.

BBVA Smartpay: If you have a business and you're a BBVA customer, you'll be able to make credit card charges using your cell phone as if it were a POS.

Digital teller appointment: Request a teller appointment through your cell phone or bbva.es and you'll save time in line when you go to your branch.

Virtual mail: From your cell phone or computer you'll have access to all the documents regarding your financial products or operations. They'll be stored in your customer area to be consulted whenever you like.

Currency exchange: You'll be able to request foreign currency and pick it up from a branch at your convenience.

These are some of the functionalities BBVA online banking offers you to make your life easier.

The advantages of BBVA's online banking


Discover the BBVA accounts catalog

BBVA Va Contigo Salary Account

The Nómina Account offers a Personal Manager and a team of experts (also on the app) if you deposit your paycheck from €800.

BBVA Goals account

A savings account with no fees or conditions that helps you to achieve the savings goals that you set yourself.

BBVA Fee-Free Online Account

The BBVA Online Account is a checking account with no fees or conditions, since it doesn't require you to direct deposit/debit a paycheck or bills.

Mi Segunda Cuenta account

If you have a Va Contigo Account and you need a second account to share your expenses or for your purchases... This is the account for you!

BBVA Young Person's Account

Joven Account (18 to 29 years old) with no fees just for using the card once a month


We provide you with the best tools for your daily bank transactions