How does it work?

  • This is what a with a 5-year, €9,000 educational loan with a 1-year grace period would look like, drawn down in full from the start, signed on 12/31/2019 with payment at the end of the month:

    • Interest rate: 3.95% NIR
    • APR: 4.14%
    • Grace period: 1 year.
    • Total interest during the grace period: €357.44
    • Monthly interest payments for a period of 1 year: €31.17 or €28.25, depending on the days in the month*.
    • Repayment period: 4 years.
    • Monthly payments: 48 payments of €203.01
    • Total debited amount: €10,140.93

    The APR was calculated taking into account postage expenses: €0.65 monthly.

    If you need to open a checking account exclusively for managing this loan, and if the conditions for having no maintenance fees on said account are not met, the fee will be €120 per year. Therefore, the APR of the loan would be 6.35%, with a total cost of €10,740.93.

    *The monthly interest payment may vary depending on the days of the month on which settlement is due.