A SICAV invests in funds, goods or rights of your stockholders.

  • Tax advantages.
  • Financial advantages.

What is a SICAV?

  • A SICAV (Investment trust of Variable Capital) is an Institution of Collective Investment (CII) in the shape of public limited company whose object is invest funds, goods or rights of your stockholders for optimize your yield.


  • Invest through a SICAV has the next advantages:
    Liquidity daily
    The SICAV pay contributions in the MAB (Alternative Investment Market) and allow obtain liquidity daily, according to your net asset value. The stockholders can recover your investment through the sale of your stock to the SICAV, that has obligation of give compensation to the operation (provided that the capital not goes down of the minimum legal).
    Pay taxes 1% for corporate tax . Moreover, they are supervised by the CNMV (Spanish National Securities Market Commission), which guarantees strict compliance with regulations and complete transparency for shareholders.

    To the be a public limited company, your investors are stockholders, whose right of vote in the General Committee, them allow:

    • Determine/modify the policy of investments of the SICAV.
    • Substitute to the Managing Entity and/or to the Pledgee, without need of undo investments.
    • Delegate part of the management in other companies.
    • Appoint outside advisers or be part of the Board of Directors of the SICAV for carry out a closer tracking of your operation.
    Through meetings periodical of the Board of Directors and of the General Committee of Stockholders. Besides have judicial knowledge periodical: reports quarterly and half-yearly, brochure and annual accounts.

The SICAV have a management flexible and professional on the part of BBVA AM S.G.I.I.C for implement the vision of market of BBVA and search actively opportunities of investment, adapting them to the customer profile.

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