Find out about how to reduce your carbon footprint

With simple actions, you can make your way of consuming energy more environmentally friendly.

Recycling waste properly

You could make recycling more efficient.

How should I sort household waste?

Recycling a container or a product prolongs the useful life of its raw materials, avoids the unnecessary use of resources, and reduces the volume of waste

Consider these ideas when you're sorting your household waste: 

  • Use different spaces to accumulate and sort different types of waste to make it easier to deposit in the right container.
  • Deposit your organic waste in the respective container if your town has a designated one for it.
  • Remember that bulky or hazardous waste, such as furniture, electronic devices, oils, batteries, or medicines, must be taken to specific recycling points.
  • Give your clothes a second life by donating them to thrift stores or by bringing them to recycling points so that the fabric can be reused. 

By implementing these changes, you contribute to reusing materials and reducing deforestation, the extraction of raw materials, and the impact of carbon dioxide, since recycling entails fewer emissions.

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