Find out about how to reduce your carbon footprint

With simple actions, you can make your way of consuming energy more environmentally friendly.

Optimizing your use of heating

You could reduce emissions and save on your bills.

How can I reduce heating expenses?

Heating accounts for around 57% of household energy consumption.  In addition, for each additional degree, consumption can rise between 7% and 11%

Try these ideas to reduce this consumption:

  • Set your thermostat at a temperature between 19º C and 21º C, which is ideal for keeping a home comfortable.
  • Close the blinds and curtains at night to prevent significant heat loss.
  • Do not cover radiators or put objects nearby to allow warm air to properly disperse.

By implementing these small changes you will be able to save energy, reduce carbon emissions and save on your bills, avoiding unnecessary consumption and benefiting the environment.

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