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Black Friday

Make the most of this Black Friday!

BBVA is joining the party with Black Friday discounts and deals from November 27 to December 4.

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Online transfers*

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Two account holders

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The Roots of Black Friday

There are many origin stories for Black Friday.

The most widespread came about in the 1950s Philadelphia (USA), and specifically on the day following the popular Thanksgiving holiday. The city was going to host the Army-Navy college football game on Saturday, and as a result one day earlier, stores were mobbed by crowds doing their Christmas shoppingNobody wanted to miss the match, so most Philadelphians decided to get their shopping done early. This meant that no police officer was able to take the day off, given the swarms of people in stores, on what ended up being called "Black Friday". This term gradually became popular, taking on special significance in 1975, when it was used to describe the traffic problems that Philadelphia experienced due to the deals available on the day after Thanksgiving.

How Black Friday has evolved

Over time, what was known as Black Friday became a firm fixture on the calendar of both brands and consumers.

However, while staying true to its roots, it has also evolved into the event we know and love today. In terms of sales, the number of brands that have offered irresistible deals to consumers over the years on Black Friday has been growing. The way they are presented is also different, and are now much more striking (by leveraging the technical resources available now). One thing that has changed is how long it lasts. Nowadays, Black Friday discounts are offered over several days, not just one

What's more, since 2005, Black Friday has been joined by Cyber Monday. A date that, while also highlighted on many calendars, isn't yet as famous as its predecessor. Why? Some people don't know, for example: 

  • What is Cyber Monday? Created by the shop.org community 15 years ago, its main goal is to promote online purchases. 
  • When is Cyber Monday? The event takes place on the Monday following Black Friday (meaning Cyber Monday this year falls on November 30). 
  • What are the Cyber Monday deals like? They are quite similar to Black Friday deals (and involve the same products). You just have to keep in mind that they are only accessible online.

Mark it on your calendar!

This year, Black Friday falls on November 27.

When is Black Friday?

Initially, Black Friday fell on the day after Thanksgiving.

On that date, companies offered incredible deals on their products, which allowed consumers to buy them at a lower price than usual. Today, although Black Friday as such still falls on a specific day (when the best deals are available), as noted earlier, many companies extend Black Friday discounts up to one week in order to take cash in on the sales. This year, the date for Black Friday that you should mark on your calendar, as noted earlier, is November 27. Don't forget!

How long does Black Friday last?

In theory, Black Friday is supposed to last one day.

However, over the years and thanks to its success, it has expanded, first to include the full weekend, with the idea that consumers use these days off to make their purchases online (or in a physical store), taking advantage of special Black Friday deals, culminating in Cyber Monday, and, more recently, spanning an entire week. The purpose of the expanded dates is simply to extend the mass appeal and the increase in sales that result from the discounts on tap during this shopping period.

Black Friday Deals

There are many Black Friday deals available from small and large stores alike

From technological products, such as computers and mobile phones, to clothing, accessories and beauty products, including flights, hotels and holiday packages, all are being offered to consumers at great discounts, only on Black Friday. In fact, it's a known fact that these Black Friday deals are being used by hundreds of consumers to cover some personal or work need, give themselves a treat or, in certain cases (increasingly), to get their Christmas shopping done early.

BBVA gets in on Black Friday

Don't miss out on the offers we're getting ready for you

How can I take advantage of the best Black Friday deals?

The appeal of the deals that brands offer on Black Friday is evident.

To choose the best deals, you should:

  • Compare them all, since the number of Black Friday deals has grown year after year, especially once the Internet joined in on the action. The various comparison tools available may be of help, since they have access to the various deals on offer and can highlight those that best match whatever you're looking for.
  • See if, together with the brand's Black Friday deal, there are any additional deals, such as free shipping.
  • Be on the lookout as well for Black Friday deals offered by brands on tools such as "wikibuy," which can also result in significant discounts for you.

It's also important to consider factors such as:

  • The security of the website we make purchases on.
  • The terms of purchase of the product you buy.

What will Black Friday be like in 2020?

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 won't prevent Black Friday from being held in Spain, or in the rest of the world, in 2020.

However, the special deals that companies will offer on this year's Black Friday, remember the date, November 27, will be tailored to the new habits adopted by consumers. This means that the deals on this Black Friday, although they can also be found in brick-and-mortar stores, will mostly be offered in the brands' online outlets

This means that buyers and sellers alike have to be ready for this. The former, with their bank-issued credit or debit cards, which they will use to purchase products in various e-stores, and the former by technically adapting their stores to the whims of online trends. A complex change that will, however, allow them to boost their sales thanks to the deals they offer every year on Black Friday.