Teachers' Day

What is Teachers' Day?

Teachers' Day pays tribute to all those who are responsible for educating students, whether in schools or universities (both in Spain and in the rest of the world). The main goal of this celebration is to recognize and value their efforts, as well as to praise the role and impact that teachers have in our society.

When is Teachers' Day?

The date set by UNESCO to celebrate Teachers' Day is October 5. However, in Spain it is observed on November 27. This way, it falls on the same day as the celebration of the patron saint of teachers, St. Joseph of Calasanz. Spain is not the only country that has changed the date of Teachers' Day. It has also been changed, for example, in Argentina (September 11), Brazil (October 15) and Chile (October 16).

Who is behind the idea of honoring teachers on Teachers' Day?

Teachers' Day is observed in Spain on November 27, to match the date on which we honor the patron saint of teachers, Saint Joseph of Calasanz, a priest and teacher who is considered the precursor of modern education (he founded the first free Christian school in Europe that was open to the public: the Piarist Schools).

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