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Nowadays, there is such a wide range of car insurance that it is sometimes difficult to choose the best fit. What may have seemed the safest and most affordable option at one point ends up providing incomplete coverage that results in greater expenses. If you see that your current coverage is not adequate and are considering switching your car insurance to a different insurance, there are a number of factors you should take into account. Below we explain some of the key factors that will help you make the decision on whether to change insurance or not.
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Do you know which are the most common types of car insurance?

There are two basic types of car insurance: not all comprehensive insurance policies are equal. Each one has different modalities and add-ons to offer a diverse array of options. Third-party liability insurance offers the basic compulsory coverage by law. This public liability insurance covers the damage caused to the other vehicle and its occupants, in addition to the injury to the passengers of the vehicle that caused the accident. However, comprehensive insurance also covers the insured vehicle and its driver, regardless of whether he or she was the driver responsible for the accident.

It stands to reason that the more coverages offered in an insurance plan, the higher the price will be. For this reason, third-party liability insurance is usually cheaper than a comprehensive insurance. However, there is another factor that also affects the price of insurance: the deductible. Insurance with a deductible is a very popular option, as it can save money for the policyholder. In this type of insurance, the policyholder agrees to pay a certain amount or percentage of the expenses in the event of a claim. The price of the insurance is lower, and, if the policyholder is not involved in too many accidents, the savings are significant. This makes opting for insurance with a deductible quite common, especially among drivers with greater experience.

Can third-party liability insurance include further coverages?

Although the most common insurance policies are traditional third-party liability insurance or comprehensive insurance, many insurers include certain additional coverages in their third-party liability insurance or create intermediate plans, such as expanded third-party liability insurance. Both the BBVA car insurance and the BBVA motorcycle insurance, for example, include legal assistance and travel assistance even in the most basic third-party liability insurance policies.

Furthermore, insurers often offer insured persons the option of adding additional coverages for a tailored insurance policy. Some of the most common coverages are driver accident insurance, legal assistance, travel assistance, glass repair, and protection in the event of theft or fire. Consequently, when you change your third-party liability car insurance, you can opt for an extended or customized option that includes some of these coverages.

Am I interested in the driver accident coverage?

Driver accident coverage is one of the most popular available. The aim of this coverage is to protect the insured driver, even when at fault for an accident, as this benefit is not included in third-party liability insurance.

The specific characteristics of accident insurance can vary considerably from one insurance company to another. This coverage generally guarantees compensation for permanent injury or death and also covers healthcare expenses and urgent transport to the hospital. In some cases, this insurance is not only linked to the driver, but also to his or her vehicle, so it may also assume repair costs for the latter.

The reason why this coverage is very useful is that, in Spain, the medical expenses associated with a traffic accidents are not covered by Social Security. This means that the insurance company or, without this coverage, the driver himself is responsible for these. For this reason, if you are going to change insurance, it is important to check what the driver's coverage includes and what the specific conditions are.

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And car insurance with additional assistance?

Other star coverages include roadside assistance and travel assistance. Although these terms are often used interchangeably, roadside assistance refers to the assistance intended for the vehicle while travel assistance is offered to passengers. These coverages are particularly useful not only in the event of an accident, but also if the vehicle breaks down.

Roadside assistance usually includes both on-site repair of the vehicle, if for example it is a puncture, and towing in the event of a more serious accident or breakdown.

Passenger assistance provides a way of returning to their home or continuing their journey and, depending on the full coverage, may also include their accommodation or upkeep at a hotel. This coverage also includes healthcare and hospital transport for the driver and passengers if necessary.

As with other types of coverage, the specific conditions of this product may be very different depending on the insurance. However, you should take these benefits into consideration when changing your insurance policy, as having them can get you out of more than a pinch.

The BBVA Group offers you numerous options to switch from one car insurance policy to another. Not only will you have the legal assistance and travel assistance included in all modalities, but you will also be able to choose between a wide range of insurance policies and several optional expansion packs. Visit bbva.es and change insurance today.

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