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The BBVA Mi Objetivo range of life cycle investment funds has been designed to adapt to different time horizons. Typically, these time horizons are linked to an important milestone in life, a specific need, or a savings goal. The investment funds of life cycle of this range have three time horizons: 2021, 2026 and 2031. In all three cases, investment is global and diversified. Portfolios combine different financial asset classes, adapt to market conditions and, above all, are tailored to the specific time horizon. Therefore, as the appointed date approaches, exposure to riskier assets that may provide greater returns decreases, while more conservative assets are added to the portfolio to help secure the returns investors hope to achieve. At the appointed date, the maximum amount invested in equities in all three cases will be 10% of the total portfolio. This range benefits from investment fund tax relief.
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The three funds in the range

  • BBVA Mi Objetivo 2021, FI. Initially, the fund will invest no more than 30% in equity financial assets (mainly in developed markets). The fund's exposure to emerging markets will be no more than 10% of total assets. Within the risk scale, the BBVA Mi Objetivo 2021 fund currently has a rating of two out of seven (which is considered a low-intermediate level).
  • BBVA Mi Objetivo 2026 FI: At the beginning of the investment, equity assets may account for half of this life cycle fund's portfolio. The maximum amount invested in emerging markets cannot be more than 15%. Within the risk scale, the BBVA Mi Objetivo 2026 fund currently has a rating of three out of seven (which is considered a low-intermediate level).
  • BBVA Mi Objetivo 2031 FI: Initial exposure to stock exchanges may be no more than 70%, while exposure to emerging markets may be up to a maximum of 20%. Within the risk scale, the BBVA Mi Objetivo 2031 fund currently has a rating of four out of seven (which is considered an intermediate risk level).

In all three cases, the portion of a portfolio that is not invested in equities will largely be invested in public and private fixed income assets. At least 90% of these investments will be of intermediate or high credit quality. In any case, they will not have a lower credit quality than Spain. This means that no more than 10% of a portfolio may be invested in issuers that have a lower credit quality, that have not been classified or that are from emerging nations.

As portfolios have a global scope, they may invest in currencies other than the Euro.

The initial minimum investment in all these life cycle funds is Euros thirty. As these funds have been designed to help investors save in order to achieve a specific objective, the best way to invest in them is through regular contributions.

Investments in BBVA Mi Objetivo funds can be liquidated at any time, as there is no exit fee.

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What are life cycle funds?

Also known as target date funds, life cycle funds are managed based on a pre-established time horizon to help investors achieve their predetermined savings targets. In order to achieve greater returns, a portfolio will have greater exposure to risk assets such as equities during the first stages of the investment. As the end of the investment term approaches, risk will be gradually reduced by investing in fixed income assets such as bonds and liquidity in order to protect savings.
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