Open an account with no fees, with no need to deposit a salary

At BBVA, you don't have to direct deposit/debit a paycheck or bills in order to open a Fee-Free Online Account.
One of the advantages of the Fee-Free Online Account is that there is no requirement to deposit your paycheck, pay bills by direct debit, or set up any other regular deposits. (e.g., cash deposits, standing orders from another account, direct deposit of your pension or unemployment benefits, etc.).
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Learn about the Online Fee-Free Account

The Fee-Free Online Account is a checking account with no conditions or fees that offers many advantages:

  • €0 account administration and maintenance fee. 
  • €0 debit card issue and maintenance fee. 
  • No fee for withdrawing cash on debit at BBVA ATMs.
  • €0 for online transfers* within the EEA. 

* Important: Does not include the transfers made on magnetic media, Fund Movement Orders (OMFs in Spanish), or Same-Day Value transfers. For transfers which are not included, accompanying expenses and transfer fees established for these purposes do apply.

If you are not a BBVA customer: 

You must register as a new customer at (using a computer or cell phone) or via the BBVA app for iOS and Android.

As a new customer you'll also receive the "BBVA Ahora" debit card, with no issue or maintenance fees.

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No account or card fees.

Learn about the Online Fee-Free Account

If you are already a BBVA customer:

View the catalog of BBVA accounts available to you.

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