How to pay for your online purchases with Bizum

Works quickly and securely.

Bizum is a tool that you allows transfer money of instantaneous way, comfortable and sure, of cell phone to cell phone and from anywhere. It was born out of the European Union's desire to encourage instant payments among consumers. They wanted to offer them a quick and easy way to settle their payments instantly, without needing to know the account number to make the transfer to or to use a credit or debit card, situations that both entail more complex and lengthy processes. 

Today, its use is widespread. The thing is "doing a Bizum" is as easy and convenient as sending an SMS. How? You just have to go into the service from the BBVA app, choose the person you want to send the money to and specify the amount. And, want to know the best thing? It's free for you to use.

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Goes through money right away with Bizum, without cost
Do it from BBVA's app and contributing only the phone number, without accounts.

Now you can also buy online with Bizum

But Bizum isn't just about transfers. Additionally you allows carry out your purchases in those shops online adapted from anywhere, what avoids that have to leave home. The process is equally simple: you just have to provide your phone number at the store and, if it has the service, you will have the option to validate the transaction and make the payment instantly. 

Go into our app or website, then select "Bizum" as the payment method, enter the telephone or email linked to your account in the section "your Bizum password," and finally, enter the "Bizum code," a unique, 4-digit code that is sent to you via SMS (similar to a card PIN) and that only you will know and that, of course, you can change whenever you want. Three simple steps to guarantee maximum security when shopping.

In addition, and in order to give you complete control over your transactions, there is a "Movements" section where you can check every payment made using this method. Similarly, each transaction will be reflected in the bank account you have linked to the service, so you can also check your purchases through the usual channels (electronic or mobile banking). 

Bizum not only offers benefits to consumers, but to businesses as well. It gives them the option of offering their customers a quick and convenient payment method without having to fill out complex forms or provide their card details. In order to have this option when paying online, you have to contact any of the companies associated with the service, which will explain the steps for adding the service to the payment page.

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Does your bank app have Bizum?
BBVA's does, and it's very easy to use.

Currently, most banks, including BBVA, offer the Bizum money service. 

In our case, if already are customer, only have to access the app and, through her, to the service, as do with any other operations (not need download other applications). After this, and once you register... You are now ready to use Bizum from your Private Area! This explains how to sign up for and start using Bizum with the BBVA app, step by step.

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