Sending money with Bizum: how to do it and what fees it has

Fast, free and secure, and all from the BBVA app.
That you pay the money that you must a present, of a dinner improvised or of the expenses derived from a trip is complicated, even more if, moreover, not is possible leave home. A problem that has easy solution with the Online Banking of BBVA and, specifically, with Bizum.
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Goes through money right away with Bizum, without cost
Do it from BBVA's app and contributing only the phone number, without accounts.

Send money instantly from your cell phone

Imagine that could settle this debt with the cell phone, in barely some second and without need of leave home and that, moreover, not had no commission rate nor extra cost? If are customer ed BBVA, only have to install you BBVA's app and activate Bizum. This service was created by the European Union and lets you send money from your mobile device with a simple SMS. A veritable revolution in instant payments whose success is based on its simplicity, convenience and speed.

How can I do it?

To start sending money with Bizum, you have to meet two requirements: have an active cell phone number and an open account in Spain. If you are not a customer, you can open a fee-free online account in under 5 minutes and start using it today. 

After this, and with the BBVA app installed on your device, you have to sign up in the Bizum section to associate the selected bank account, after which you can start doing "Bizums." The process is very simple. Without leaving the service section, simply choose the contact in your agenda you want to send the money to and the amount. All at no cost to the issuer or the recipient of the transfer, and it's instantaneous.

Maximum security in your instant payments

Bizum is a service that protects every money transfer you make. It does so by controlling the amount, setting a maximum limit of €500 per transfer, €1,200 per day (and no more than 30 operations per month), which minimizes the effect of theft, and also by securing the process with a final notification with the recipient's contact details to make sure you don't send money to the wrong person.

In addition, at BBVA you will be able to set up your app to have it notify you whenever money is transferred from your account.

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Does your bank app have Bizum?
BBVA's does, and it's very easy to use.

You can also pay online quickly and securely

Bizum started out as a tool used exclusively to send money from one cell phone to another. Now it can also be used to pay for online purchases in adapted stores, so you don't have to provide your bank account or card number. You can see the participating stores on its website.
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