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BBVA branches and ATMs in Spain

BBVA has one of the largest networks of branches and ATMs in Spain. In total BBVA has more than 3,000 branches throughout all of Spain and more than 6,000 ATMs to provide a comprehensive service to our customers. BBVA customers pay no fees at any of our ATMs.

In BBVA have a wide office network so that can manage all your operations. But we want to go a bit further; for that reason are implementing new services in our offices for improve your experience and offer him always a try quality:

  • Manager General of Tails, for optimize your procedures and reduce the queuing times in the office.
  • Manager Identifier of Customers, so that always is looked after for the person ídonea depending on the operation that wants carry out.

Our network of 6,000 BBVA ATMs you give the autonomy that needs in order carry out your operations of a plainer way, more personalized, faster and surer. Finds your ATM closer and discovers all the administrative steps that can carry out from the BBVA ATMs. See table of operations.

Moreover, in our desire for innovate, the new navigation of our ATMs facilitate the production of the habitual operations and offer new functionalities and services.


  • Unify the design and it do similar to and mobile applications. So that your browsing experience is the same regardless of the channel you are using.
  • Improvements of access and navigation, since now is possible access and operate in the ATMs with the passwords of
  • New functions and services, such as buying and selling securities, cancelling cards due to theft or loss, the option of selecting the type of bank notes (20 or 50 euros) in cash withdrawals...
  • And always maintaining the strict security levels of BBVA.

Moreover, you present ABIL and Fast Track, the new ATMs of BBVA, know them.

In the web portal of Actibva you count how act in the case of some mishap with the ATMs.