BBVA Antes Young Person's Card

Antes Blue Card

The BBVA pre-paid card for people under 30 years old.

  • Includes insurance.
  • Reload it instantly.
  • Made with PVC recycled from waste.

How does it work?

  • The spending limit is the amount you have previously loaded onto your card. And you can top it up it as many times as you like.

    You can transfer between €6 and €1,000 from your account to the Antes Young Person's Card in 5 different ways: through the website, from the app, at BBVA ATMs, at our branches or by calling 912 249 529. You can use it to pay until the available balance runs out.

The BBVA Antes Young Person's Card, now more sustainable

As part of our commitment to combat environmental problems, we launched the first sustainable pre-paid card issued in Spain that is made with PVC recycled from waste*. We have minimized CO2 emissions and reduced the carbon footprint of both the materials used and of the transport, production and personalization of the cards.

With the advantages of being with BBVA



  • With the Antes Young Person's Card you will obtain a series of additional benefits:
    • Shopping online is safer with it.

    The card also includes insurance that covers you against fraudulent use and for up to €600 if you are robbed at an ATM, so don't be afraid to use it.

    • Shop without using your card

    You can pay with your phone simply by adding your BBVA prepaid card to BBVA Mobile Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay.

    • Activate and deactivate your cards.

    Can't find the card? Deactivate it, and reactivate it when you find it.

    • Change the limits whenever you want.

    You can limit the use of the card outside Spain and in online stores for a certain period of time.

    • And now, sustainable.  

    It is the first pre-paid card issued in Spain with PVC recycled from waste.* We wanted to minimize our CO2 emissions and reduce the carbon footprint through our choice of materials, transport, production and customization of the cards.


    *86% recycled material.

Add the card to your smartphone from the BBVA app and pay directly with your phone.

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Antes Young Person's Card