What a cash card is

We'll tell you how it works and what the most frequent uses of this type of card are.
Cash cards are prepaid cards into which a user loads an amount of money with which to later make small, everyday payments. This type if card is an alternative to a credit or debit card, and is primarily used for low-cost purchases in affiliated stores, for associated services, or via the internet.
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You'll be able to pay for your purchases over time and use it at over 6,000 ATMs.
Using a cash card is really simple. The user only has to decide how much money to load onto the card and have available. The card can be loaded at your bank branch, at an ATM, or on your bank's website. One of the advantages of a prepaid card is being able to control how it's used, since only the amount previously loaded onto it can be spent. Of course, you can reload anytime you like.

What are prepaid cards useful for?

Many people find cash cards or prepaid cards especially useful when they're watching how much they spend, since they can only use the money previously put on the card. This helps them manage their budget. This feature makes cash cards particularly appealing to families who want to control their kids' spending. With a cash card you can ensure that your kids always have money available, but that it is limited to an amount previously set aside.

Cash cards are a way of easily making daily purchases, since among their main advantages is the ability to quickly make cash payments without needing to carry bills or coins on you.

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Pay for your purchases over time with the Después Card and use it at over 6,000 ATMs.

Online purchases

On a side note, it's worthwhile to use them for online purchases. Despite being an increasingly popular method for buying products and services, some users are still reluctant - mainly for security reasons - to shop online. When you use a cash card you can have the peace of mind of knowing that the information associated with your checking account where you keep all your savings is not being entered. You only enter the information for the cash card, which can have the exact amount of money needed for making a specific purchase.
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