BBVA Repatriación Insurance

Insurance for foreign residents in the event of death far from their place of origin.

  • indemnity in the event of death by accident.
  • Transfer of mortal remains and a companion to the place of origin
  • Transfer of family members who have died in the same accident.

What does the BBVA Repatriación Insurance cover?

  • BBVA Repatriación Insurance covers the following contingencies:
    • Compensation for death in an accident of €16,600.
    • Transfer or repatriation of the insured and family members who have died in the same accident.
    • Reception and transfer of the mortal remains to the place of burial.
    • Transport for the person accompanying the mortal remains.

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What are the requirements?

    • Be between 14 and 64 actuarial years of age (63 years and 6 months).
    • The accident must have taken place in the European Union, Andorra, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway.

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