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If you're a customer, make your projects a reality with this instant personal loan

  • From €1,500.
  • Instant loan with no paperwork.
  • Online signature.

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  • These are the steps
    1. Access your private area to see if you've been pre-approved for a loan. 
    2. Choose an amount and a term equal to or less than that of your pre-approved loan.
    3. Use your digital signature and the money will be deposited into your account instantly.
    4. The loan is subject to approval by BBVA.

    Remember that you have the right to withdraw from the loan contract without incurring a cancellation fee for a period of 14 calendar days from the date you sign. We will refund the commitment fee to you, and you will only have to pay for the interest generated during those days.

Would you like to pay a smaller fee?

  • Each loan is assigned a specific NIR and APR for each customer. You will also get a 1% discount on the initial interest rate of the loan if you maintain the following direct deposits in your account:

    • Paycheck: minimum €600.
    • Pension: minimum €300.
    • Unemployment benefit.

    This discount will be applied to every monthly payment that you make. In addition, every six months, we will check you meet the requirements for the discount. Whether you meet the requirements or not, the discount will be applied to the first three monthly loan payments.

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