BBVA Valora

BBVA Valora will help you make better decisions

If you are looking for a house or you already found one, BBVA Valora can help you find out the approximate price of homes in areas that interest you, determine if it's best to rent or buy, or find out how much home you can afford based on your salary.

Planning your future and making better decisions will let you enjoy good financial health.

BBVA Valora enables you to value properties

  • Analyze a property

    Would you like to know if you can afford that home you like so much? What is the value of your home? Discover all this information with BBVA Valora.
  • Should I buy or rent?

    Both can be good options, but one of the two will be better adapted to your needs depending on your situation.
  • Which home can I afford?

    Are you looking for a home but you don't know what you can afford? BBVA Valora helps you calculate what sort of home you can afford.
  • Analyze the neighborhood

    Can you afford to live in the neighborhood you like? Find out the average house price in different areas with BBVA Valora.

Do you already know how much your home costs?

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More information on BBVA Valora

BBVA Valora is a BBVA Group service that offers you five tools to help you find out: how much it is worth, what the neighborhood is like (owned by Madiva Solutions, S.L.) how to assess your finances, your home's expenses, and Buy or Rent (owned by BBVA, S.A.).

Madiva Soluciones, S.L. is a technological company of the BBVA Group, which provides tools and solutions for data analysis. The tool uses its Madiva technology to generate information from sources accessible to the public, and its combination of algorithms to offer information on various sectors, including real estate.

Regarding the tools that help you find out what the value of a property might be and what the neighborhood is like, which are owned by Madiva Soluciones, S.L.: all the information is acquired from the property's registry information; the Property Registry is the official registry of all property, including housing, commercial premises and lots. Madiva Soluciones, S.L. obtains the data from this register for homes of the whole of Spain, except for the Basque Country and Navarre. These two autonomous communities use their own systems to calculate cadastral value (one for each autonomous territory) and do not currently have an online search facility.

The property prices shown are not the result of an official valuation performed by an industry expert who visits the property to analyze its state of repair and characteristics in order to establish a value. In addition, aspects that modify its value such as a property's administrative rating (e.g. in the case of social housing), its state of conservation, special characteristics (views, height or beachfront) and facilities (gardens, swimming pool and other services) are not included.

With regard to the BBVA, S.A. tools, how to assess your finances, your home's expenses: All the information is obtained based on the data provided by the user, and the expenses deriving from the arrangement of the mortgage are calculated based on the estimated value of the property. These expenses may vary according to the final value of the property. If the user is interested in requesting financing, the operation is subject to prior approval by BBVA, and it does not constitute a binding offer for BBVA or the user. To manage the application submitted by the user, BBVA will take into account the appraisal value of the property that will determine the maximum limit that can be financed in the event of approval, among other aspects. With regard to the BBVA, S.A. Buy or Rent tool: all the information is obtained based on the data provided by the user and from sources accessible to the public. With regard to the map, the information provided to the user is supplied by Idealista S.L., directly accessing their website upon clicking on the links of samples that are situated on this map.

The calculations of property prices and appraisals, as well as the information provided through each of the tools, are estimates. They are solely for informative or guidance purposes, and they do not contain any suggestions, advice or recommendations to apply for a banking product or service. Decisions are made solely and exclusively by the user.

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