September 9

Electric vehicle day

Electric vehicles save on fuel and protect the environment.

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An electric vehicle charging station is used to recharge the battery of an EV. There are several types:

  • Wall charging point (or wallbox): accessible for any type of electric (or hybrid) vehicle, its installation requires anchoring it to the wall of the garage where it will be located. They are usually powered by electricity from the home. They are the most common, due to their good price and ease of use.
  • Charging post: they are most widely used by both companies and government agencies when creating a charging network. They are characterized by allowing mode-4 charging, which usually charges the battery to 80% in about 30 minutes. It should not be used continuously, since it harms the battery in the medium term.
  • Charging point with dynamic power control: this is the latest model of electric car charging station, which balances the load between the electric vehicle and other domestic loads without exceeding the contracted power (which can cause a power outage).
  • Portable EV charging point: small and lightweight, it can be carried in the trunk of the electric vehicle and used when the battery needs to be charged. It just needs a power outlet to plug into.

Other important dates

  • World Tourism Day is an event organized by the WTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) with the aim of making the world aware of the role of tourism, as well as its impact, on a social, cultural, political and economic level. 
  • Columbus Day commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus on the island of Guanani, an event that came to be known as "the discovery of America" and provided the first contact between Europe and America. 
  • World Energy Saving Day is celebrated on October 21. Its main objective is to raise awareness about the value of carrying out small actions to promote energy saving.