Electric vehicle day

What is Electric Vehicle Day?

Electric Vehicle Day celebrates how important electric cars are to expanding sustainable mobility (worldwide), as well as the positive impact sustainable mobility has on preserving the environment (thanks to the lower emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere). This holiday was created by ABB and Green TV in 2020.

When is Electric Vehicle Day?

World Electric Vehicle Day was held for the first time on September 9, 2020, with this date being set for future observances of this day.

Who invented the electric vehicle?

While the electric vehicle is, for us, a relatively new product, its origins date back two centuries. In 1827, Ányos István Jedlik brought the first electric motor to life, around which he later built a small vehicle. Five years later, in 1832, Robert Anderson created his own electric car with a battery, the only problem being that it could not be recharged. It wasn't until 1880 that the first rechargeable batteries were invented, which led, in 1899, to the creation of a new model that implemented them. These first few attempts served as a starting point for all those who, ever since, have worked to evolve the electric vehicle, as well as to create and develop charging stations, eventually leading to the technology we enjoy today.

What are the characteristics of an electric vehicle?

Electric vehicles, which have their own day on September 9, are characterized by:

  • Save on "fuel," as electricity is cheaper than gasoline or diesel.
  • Pay lower taxes, since it has zero atmospheric emissions.
  • Not needing to be serviced as much, since they break down less and also require less maintenance.
  • It makes parking easier, especially in big cities.
  • Ability to drive in the Bus/HOV lane.

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