World Energy Saving Day

What is the World Energy Efficiency Day?

World Energy Saving Day is celebrated with the main objective of raising people's awareness of the value of small actions to promote energy savings, which would have a very positive impact on the planet.

When is World Energy Saving Day?

World Energy Efficiency Day is officially celebrated on October 21.

Why celebrate World Energy Efficiency Day?

World Energy Saving Day attempts to convey to people the importance of taking action that helps with energy saving, such as:

  • Insulate the home.
  • Change bulbs to an LED version.
  • Turn off the lights when a room is empty
  • Avoid phantom consumption by electronic devices.
  • Lower the heater temperature.
  • Get the right energy capacity for your home.
  • Buy appliances with excellent energy efficiency.

Applying them will help to reduce the negative consequences of this significant consumption on the planet.

How can I finance my Energy Efficiency Day purchases?

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